Whether you are new to Yoga or already have a solid practice,

I can help you take your Yoga to the next level. I offer a variety

of different services and can customize a practice that fits

your needs. Special group and quantity pricing available.

-Restorative Yoga - gentle and relaxing

-Pregnancy Yoga - for your changing body

-Pranayama and Breathing practices

-Corporate Yoga

-Beginning and Advanced

Boost productivity and impove your work environment with

Corporate Yoga. Talk to your Wellness Committee today and tell

them Yoga will help the employess serve the business much better.

Happy and healthy workplaces benefit us all...

Yoga can help improve your overall health and vitality as well

as increase flexibility and muscle tone. It also helps to stabilize

mood and improve concentration and sleep.

Let the Light of Yoga shine on you

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E-mail: Risha@YogaWithRisha.com

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Let the Light of Yoga shine in your life